Darkened Cave Escape

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Darkened Cave Escape

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Darkened Cave Escape


Darkened Cave Escape is another point and click escape game developed by WoW Escape. In this game, you were playing hide and seek with your younger brother in the backyard when you found a small underground passage. You got curious where it led so you went inside it. At first, you were amazed with the place but as minutes went by, you felt that the place got creepier and creepier. You tried to go back but unfortunately you lost your way out. You shouted and cried for help but it was no use. No one could hear you from there, even your younger brother. Use your skills to get out of there! Look for useful objects, clues, and hints scattered all over the place. Use them to solve the puzzles by interacting with them simultaneously using point and click to figure your way back out and escape the dark cave! Good luck!

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