Crypto Radiation Escape Game

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Crypto Radiation Escape Game

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Crypto Radiation Escape Game


Crypto Radiation Escape Game is another fun and exciting game brought to us by House Crow Games. You are a Scientist dealing with radiation as a cure of Cancer. You are having an experiment on how the Cancer Cell reacts if expose in a high radiated environment. You record every change it under gone. You’re observing it keenly so that you can get the perfect result. The experiment is put in a close glass container to avoid linkage of the radiation. You’re not aware that the glass at the bottom part is starting to break. The radiation is starting to spread inside the experiment room. It’s too late when you find out the class has already a big hole. You need to evacuate the room immediately but the door is remote control and you don’t know where it was kept by your partner scientist. Find it using all the clues around you. Have fun in this life threatening Escape Game!

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