Car Garage Escape 2

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Car Garage Escape 2

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Car Garage Escape 2


Play Car Garage Escape 2 room escape game by 5n Games. You are in the mall with your friend but suddenly there is an urgent meeting he needs to attend in the near area of the mall. He says that his car will be used by he’s sister later. He don’t have time to go back home since the meeting is urgent. He requests to bring his car in his Car Garage at home. You drive the car toward the house of your friend. As you are already in the house of your friend, the car garage automatically open as it detected the car, so you put the car inside the garage. But what you don’t know that it will also automatically close, when the car is already in the garage. You don’t know how to open the garage again. You don’t have even a key. You are stuck inside the garage. You can’t contact your friend since there is no signal inside the garage because ii is an enclose area. You need to escape. Find Clues to escape from Car Garage. Hurry!

Uploaded on: 13 Jun , 2017 Uploader: eadmin Categories: Escape Comments: 0
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