Can You Escape Desert House 3

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  • Can You Escape Desert House 3


    Can You Escape Desert House 3 is a brand new outdoor escape game by 5n Games that will test your logic and your escape skills. You are a house dealer. You look for costumer to buy houses. Luckily, these days, you have a lot of costumer. Almost all the houses that you deal has been sold. Then, as you are walking in the street. You see a desert House. The house looks so good. You think that you can paint it to make it look new. After renovating it, you can sell it in a high prize. You enter the house to look at the inside. You are impress of what you see. The house looks good. As you are looking, there’s a cob web that appears in your face making you to breath hardly. After a second, another cob webs appear. You need to escape. Collect clues to escape .Good luck and have fun!

  • Instructions: