Avm Tiny Forest House Escape

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Avm Tiny Forest House Escape

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Avm Tiny Forest House Escape


 Play Avm Tiny Forest House Escape outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

You are a riding a helicopter. You are suppose to go to a certain place to have a charity. Unfortunately, you accidentally fall from the helicopter. You fall into a Tiny Forest House. You are lucky to fall in a house where there are food to eat . As you stay longer inside the tiny house while waiting for the rescue, you have observe that you are slowly becoming tiny. Even if you eat a lot, you still lost weight and height. The more you eat the more you become tiny. You become suspicious with the food you it. Maybe this food has something on it that turns you into a tiny man. You decided not to eat, but you will die after a few days without food. You need to escape from Avm Tiny Forest House. Collect clues to escape from Avm Tiny Forest House.

This is a game from Avm Games that you will surely enjoy. Good Luck!

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