Atlantis Dragon Cave Escape

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Atlantis Dragon Cave Escape

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Atlantis Dragon Cave Escape


Play Atlantis Dragon Cave Escape room escape game by Free Room Escape.
You came from the Land of Cactus to fight with the monster cactus that invade the land. You don’t want to volunteer to go since the prophecy said that once you go back home from the quest, it will take three years for you to go back to your homeland. But you have no choice since the people wanted you to go because they know your prowess in fighting. You are a good warrior who will surely knock out the monster. As you go to the Land of Cactus, you easily kill the monster. Then, you decided to go back home. You are afraid that the prophecy will come true so you decided to consult from a hermit of what to do. The hermit advices you to go to the Atlantis Dragon Cave to tame the dragon and ride on the dragon to go back to your homeland. You heed to advice of the hermit and go to the cave. But going out in the cave and taming the dragon is not an easy task. After tempting to tame the dragon and fail to do so, you decided to give up and just go out alive. It is much okay to spend three years of voyage to go back home than risking your life to tame a dragon. Collect clues to escape from Atlantis Dragon Cave. Good Luck!

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