Apocalypse Land Escape

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Apocalypse Land Escape

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Apocalypse Land Escape


Apocalypse Land Escape is a brand new outdoor escape game made by WoW Escape. You are a biologist. You have a study trip to be made in a forest. You know the prophecy that there will be an apocalypse in that place on the day your study trip is scheduled, but you insist on going. It is because you don’t believe on those things. You think that those are just false prophecies trying to frighten people. Once you are there, everything seems normal and peaceful. You feel relief for not believing the apocalypse. But after an hour of roaming around the forest, you feel the ground is slowly shaking. You see wild animals running and think that they are the one who make the ground shake. After the animals disappear, the ground is still shaking .The tress are slowly collapsing. The Apocalypse is true! You need to escape without being hit by the collapsing tress. Collect clues that will lead you way out the forest. Hurry! You Good luck!

Uploaded on: 19 May , 2017 Uploader: eadmin Categories: Escape Comments: 0
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