Apartment Escape (Avm Games)

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Apartment Escape (Avm Games)

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Apartment Escape (Avm Games)


Play Apartment Escape (Avm Games) new room escape game by Avm Games. Since you are now an 18 years old adult, you wanted to rent an apartment away from your parents to be able to experience living with yourself to develop important life skills you need in life as an adult. In the apartment that you choose to live, you are very satisfied with the apartment. You are very happy with how the apartment looks like. One evening you decided to go to your friend’s house to visit her since your friend had been hospitalized a few days ago. What you don’t know about the apartment is it will lock on its own every evening. You try to use your key to open it but it won’t open. You try to call the apartment manager for help but manager says that they cannot do anything about it since it is a supernatural event in the apartment that happens every night. You really need to go to your friend’s house since she expected you to come. You need to escape. Find clues to escape from the Apartment. Hurry and have fun!

Uploaded on: 04 Jun , 2017 Uploader: eadmin Categories: Escape Comments: 0
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