Alien Salvage 2 Game

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Alien Salvage 2 Game

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Alien Salvage 2 Game


Alien Salvage 2 is the newest game created by Games 2 Jolly. The Alien are getting stronger in invading planet earth. They started salvaging the human to lessen the population. But Human is not going to surrender without a fight. They find ways to hide their houses underground. All human activities is underground while preparing and strengthen the defense. Nobody is allowed to go out the underground to avoid any Salvage to happen and the alien could trace the location underground. But your sister wants to get his doll which is left in your old house so you tell her that you would go instead of her. You slowly went out the underground and get the doll when a spaceship appears. Hurry! Collect clue how to escape the Alien Salvage. Good luck and have fun!

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