Abandoned Room

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  • Abandoned Room


    Play Abandoned Room room escape game by Hidden O Games. You are a traveler. You travel different places. It’s your dream to travel around the world to see its beauty and immerse in different culture. You live a nomadic life since the time you decided to travel and live your dream life. Every time you are in a new place, you always search for a place to stay even in an abandoned room. In the abandoned room, you decided to take a rest. Upon sleeping, you wake up from the sound of a locking door. You stand up and check if someone’s in the room. And find out no one. Then, decided to check the doors. You are horribly shock when it’s lock. You don’t lock it a while ago for the reason that you don’t have a key. How are you supposed to get out now? Collect clues to escape from Abandoned Room. Good Luck!

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