Abandoned Palace

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Abandoned Palace

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Abandoned Palace


Play this brand new room escape game from 5n Games and use your logic to escape from the Abandoned Palace.
You have heard the tragic love story of the princess and prince of the palace. You have known that the princess was not supposed to marry the prince because the prince was the son of the witch that curses the mother of the princess. Despite the objection of their parent, they continue their forbidden love. They secret love story was hidden for a year, but they were eventually caught. The king punished them. The prince was turn into a horse and the princess was imprisoned in a ring of fire. It is also believed that the Dreidly ring that the prince got during a tournament was a curse ring. Whoever have it will have a miserable life. That’s the reason why the lovers didn’t have a happy ending. Upon hearing this story, you decided to go to the Abandoned Palace. As you get there, you see an old woman at the gate. She immediately said “Don’t enter” as she sees you. She added “Whoever step on this palace will never be able to get out because of the curse.” As you hear this, you try to move back, but your one foot doesn’t move because it already touches the ground of the palace. There’s no turning back anymore. You are curse to stay inside the palace. Collect clues to escape from Abandoned Palace. Best of luck!

Uploaded on: 24 Oct , 2017 Uploader: eadmin Categories: Escape Comments: 0
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